Redefining Fun For the Holidays

Because my acupuncture practice involves healing, it often involves difficult transitions and doesn’t always stay in a patient’s usual comfort zone. In that context, I have some maxims that I often use, and I thought they might help others, as people face a time of year that isn’t always as fun and uplifting as its “supposed” to be. I often say that healing involves re-defining fun:

Fun is being completely honest and being accepted and heard anyway.

Fun is eating enough to feel the pleasure of the food, but still being energetic enough to stay awake and be with other people with clarity and a good mood.

Fun is learning to laugh and communicate without the use of artificial stimulants or relaxants.

Fun is being fully present without distraction with the person or people you are actually with at the moment.

Fun is getting down and really being with a child on their own terms, instead of sending them off to pseudo-experience- land in front of a screen so adults can do adult things and conversations.

Fun is working with whole fresh natural, unpolluted ingredients to create beautiful meals and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and simple… and fun is locally grown when possible!

Fun is listening really well to someone you’ve known forever and learning something new and brilliant about them.

Fun is daring to do something you’ve never done before which you’ve said a million times, “I can’t do.”

Fun is trusting your voice and singing with other people and feeling the deep power of your own singing.

Fun is playing “In the Manner of the Word” with abandon at holiday parties.

Fun is crying really hard for a few minutes when you need to and then going on refreshed and de-stressed. Yes, crying really does release stress related toxins.

Fun is surprising yourself with how kind you can be to someone you “don’t like”.

Fun is realizing that you can actually Love someone you don’t like as you acknowledge their vulnerability and common humanity with you.

Fun is feeling joy for someone else’s joy even when you yourself are having a bummer of a day.

Fun is exercising restraint and letting an indulgence go by without indulging and feeling lighter and liberated and grateful for the freedom of restraint.

Fun is feeling contentment and gratitude despite vicissitudes, knowing that life is always a Mixed Bag.