Karen Kisslinger practiced Classical Chinese Acupuncture and related healing arts for over 30 years. Coming from a tradition which emphasizes preventive medicine and “Way of Life,” her teaching encompassed health promotion through meditation, chi-kung, gardening, yoga, singing, relaxation and general stress reduction. She guided thousands of students through their first relaxation and meditation experience.

This empowers students and patients toward healthy and conscious eating, living and working. She wrote a regular “Way of Life” healthy living column for the Healthy Living section of the Poughkeepsie Journal, has written for national magazines, has a daily radio show on WKZE in the Mid-Hudson Valley called: “Time to Relax” which may still be heard, and blogged regularly for the popular Huffington Post on matters of health, wellness and spirituality. Karen had a deep commitment to helping students develop the skills and traits of consciousness which become part of a living compassionately and joyfully.

Karen was the founding “ringleader”for the Farmers Market in Millerton New York with the motto: “Making local really local,” the collaboration of local farmers and local teens working to help run the market and help on local farms….as well as bringing in local musicians, have all added up to great community building and healthier living in Millerton. For more info on the Millerton Farmer’s Market go to the website of the Northeast Community Center in Millerton or call Jenny Hansell at NECC at
(518) 789-4259.

Karen was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1995 and was fortunate to be able to practice healing diet and life style changes that restored and maintained her health for 15 years. Read about Karen’s personal healing story:

Out Past the Breakers: Surviving and Thriving Beyond the Western Medical Approach to Cancer